Sawadikap: Ban Khun Mae Restaurant

When it comes to the Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok, this is probably the answers that no one could really give you an exact and definite one. Some people would recommend Somboon Seafood and some would just tell you to hit out any stall in town, since you probably can’t really get awfully food here. Even the worse one in Bangkok would be so much better than what you get here in Singapore. Authentic from the locals, ingredients from the local regions, even a cooking dumb would be able to whip up something simple and taste divine. After all, when the stuff is good, not much effort is needed. Thai cuisine stresses on the usage of spices and have focus on the sour and spicy taste buds of your tongue. The iconic dish of Mango Salad is a great example, from the tart crunchy thinly sliced green mango mix in a dressing of Fish Sauce, Lime, Bird Eye Chili and sometimes even powdered peanuts to give it the appealing appetite inducing starter. The usage and stress of usage of the main ingredients also rely on their country main produce, a heavy usage of Seafood and Tropical fruits from the region. While there are countless restaurant in Bangkok central alone, I would like to share with you guys Ban Khun Mae, which was recommended to me by a friend and it definitely didn’t disappointed.


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Sawadikap: Mei Long Restaurant

This is probably a rare guest on most reviews about food that you probably have googled for great suggestions in Bangkok. Mei Long Restaurant is sort of a hidden gem right in Yaowarat, the Chinatown of Bangkok. Known for the traders, precious dried seafood and numerous Thai influenced Chinese cuisine by the immigrants back then. It has now become the bustling market place early in the morning and afternoon and then a supper haut in the night for tourists and locals whom like slurping down some shark fin soup or pig organ stew, it is also famed for fresh seafood and Tzi Char style dishes. Expect crowd, sweat soaked clothes if you are here in the morning, and the accessibility doesn’t help either, although a simple cab right here may only cost about a hundred-ish baht, the time taken doesn’t depend on your luck though. Coming after the sun have set may prove to be a better choice with the heat behind you and far less traffic, but you do tend to miss out on the bargain on getting cheap dried seafood. In compared to the famous  T & K Seafood that is always packed and busy, Mei Long may seems more quiet, but if you know about this place, you will never stop coming back.


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Sawadikap: Best Oyster Omelette in BKK (Nai Mong Hoy Tod)

Now this is a special one. After the usual norm and food reviews that you have seen in the famed and widely spread food reviews and blogs in Singapore and abroad, this is one of the stalls that lack coverage and the kind of recognition that it deserves. Bangkok is also the one place that no ones knows to link it to Oyster Omelette! Whenever people think about “Orh Luak” or Oyster Omelette, the natural places that people will associated it with are Singapore or Taiwan, but actually Bangkok in my opinion is the place where you can find the best among the chinese community over there. It is way too underrated! This also relates to the main topic of today post, NAI MONG HOY TOD, supposedly in Thai, it practically means the best place and the most famous Oyster Omelette in Bangkok. Located in Yaowarat, Bangkok Chinatown it is a small stall in a side aisle. Even without advertising and being in a prominent location you should be able to find it easily, it isn’t too far away from the main street and the crowd should be able to show you where it is.


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Sawadikap: After You Dessert & Cafe

After you or before you? Probably you will be amaze with how bread could be used in cooking AFTER YOU have visited this place. While honey toast is no longer a mystery to us anymore and it is probably getting more and more common in the industry, After You Dessert & Cafe still remains to be one of the hottest cafes and place to go to when in Bangkok. Started out as a branch it became famous and slowly become one of the hottest place in the locals mind and also the tourists, now there is numerous branch throughout the whole city. Practically the main malls that all the tourists hits, you are bound to find one. The most famous one still remain to be the branch at Siam Paragon. It is always crowded, although the wait is definitely worthy for their desserts. Warm bread, some cold ice cream as the sauce, the liquid, the moisture. It hardly goes wrong. Similarly, they are always right, THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR DESSERT!


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Sawadikap: SabX2 Wanton Mee

Probably many of you Singaporeans would have already know this place since it is like a meeting spot for the Singaporeans over there in Bangkok, Thailand. Located near Platinum Fashion Mall and the Pratunam Market, it is a popular spot for lunch and a late breakfast. Perhaps they are the reason that is why this place is so popular among us, after all nothing is better than some hearty Wanton Noodles and Braised Pork Trotter to accompany the resting of legs after shopping through the large unfinishable among of stalls and sellers. It is located directly down the alley across the Platinum Fashion Mall. You will probably see the sign showing you and then saying that there is only one branch in Bangkok and especially none in Singapore!!! It is open from 9am till 3pm in the afternoon but you should probably not head there just before closing since the Braised Pork Trotter do get sold out pretty fast.


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Sawadikap: Kalpapruek Restaurant

After a great relaxing session of massage done at Asia Herb Association, when your body is done and happy the next thing that you got to do would be treating your stomach well. Kalpapruek is a great modern thai restaurant at Central World, one of the largest shopping mall in Bangkok. It is the place to be, with many shops of brands that you can and cannot think of. Food wise, restaurants are plentiful, from the usual BBQ Plaza to Macs and MK Steamboat. Even the great popular cheese tart from Japan has a stall here. P.S There is no queue here at all. Although prices are quite similar to the Singapore one. If you are in the vicinity or shopping at Central World, the place to be to fill your stomach or to rest your legs, Kalpapruek is the place to be. There is 3 branches in town, with the Central World one located on the 7th Floor.


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Down Under In Mel: Krimper Cafe

A warehouse stocked with food? I literally mean like freshly bakes, poached eggs, avocado and a warehouse that smells of coffee? Your answer is right in the heart of Melbourne, right on Guildford Lane! You do actually have to screen the tiny laneway with your hawk eyes to find out actually where the cafe is. One of the greatest things about bars, cafes in Melbourne are the location their are housed at, with many in the numerous laneway that the city have in town. They simply hide in plain side and you will never realise how it’s like from the outside. It may seems desolated and quiet with totally no traffic on the outside, but once you enter them, it is a totally different oasis of itself. That is actually the case that I had encountered here at the Krimper Cafe. I arrived slightly before 11am in the morning on a weekday. There was no one outside and it certainly took me some screening before noticing that little little blackboard on the ground and also the mini neon sign. Disguised into the surrounding, with the 1980s kind of metal and wooden planks warehouse doors. There was even a punty Strictly No Admittance and All Enquires At Office wordings on the entrance. You just gotta push open and let your eyes be surprised.


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