Sawadikap: Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge Suvarnabhumi Airport

Finally getting the time down to “pen” down this entry after such a long time. It is probably the right time to do so since I have been forgetting stuff so easily these days and my memories of the lounge is getting more and more vague. Sometimes I do ask myself whether I should quickly finish jotting down my trip experience or just continue as it is now. Some of my friends have also laughed at me for taking so long and actually writing a trip that was last year! Back to this post, the last part in this non stop eating and sleeping Sawadikap trip series. On the lounge offering in Suvarnabhumi Airport, the international airport of Bangkok, for the Priority Pass, you do get access to the Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge. In terms of offering and free entry simply by being a Priority Pass member which is easily attainable by most credit cards, the lounge is a good one. Especially when you are offered to the same product that is used by Oman Air premium passengers. While I will touch on the experiences later, the lounge is located in Concourse E , Level 3 on the West Side. A side note to keep in mind, the Suvarnabhumi Airport is a huge one and if your flight is not departing on the same side do cater necessary walking time.


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Sawadikap: Plaza Premium Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

This was actually my second time visiting this lounge. Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 1 can be said to be the newest one in Changi Airport. It was only opened a year ago. In comparison to my previous visit, this time around I arrived in the wee hours. I was admitted after presenting my Priority Pass membership. A great feat about lounge access would be the Priority Pass membership, which provide you with access to more than 800 lounges around the world. While paying for access is expensive and definitely not worth it, many credit cards now pair up with a Priority Pass membership which entitles you with a couple free visit or even unlimited ones. A great example would be the Citi Prestige Card. Perhaps it is the timing, but the lounge definitely didn’t seems to be crowded or busy on my both visit. There were a few people who arrive after me but it is never too packed or noisy. This is also the reason why Plaza Premier Lounge is such a nice, relaxing place to spend your time.


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Down Under In Mel: Plaza Premium Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

Given the agony of missing out on the lounge to visit, seeing that I have close to another hour prior to boarding, I went in search of the Plaza Premium Lounge. It was located close to the gates in the C side of the terminal, directly above the transfer counters and right opposite the Emirates Lounge on Level 3. Two lounge prior to boarding? No sweat for a travel blogger right? Since my Priority Pass Membership provides unlimited access, no harm trying out another lounge right? Furthermore I have heard so much about this lounge, given that it the newest one in town.


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Down Under In Mel: SATS Premier Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

Finally, here it is, the beginning of this brand new trip series, Seeing The World In Steps first step to the land of down under. This Travel Blog have been reaching some new milestone ah! For the very first step to Melbourne, it all starts with Singapore obviously. With my leave seemingly precious, I rushed home from work prior to heading to the airport for my flight at 10.40pm. Emirates leaves from Terminal 1 out of Changi Airport, despite being the oldest terminal in town, I’m sure it still ranks among the world best when compared overseas. HAHA, below I would like to showcase my brand new customised Passport Holder which I love a lot. Thanks Jamie. A traveller got to have his own customised one right?


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2015 Europe Trip: Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge

Turkish Airlines, known as the best airline in Europe has won multiple awards in the area. Despite being a SQ Fan boy, I am definitely amaze at the amount of location it serve, over more than 280 destination, know you know how crowded Ataturk International Airport it can be. Turkish Airlines Business Class are also award wining, although I have yet to try them, SQ still win it in my heart. However I am keen to try out the Best Business Class Lounge in the World.


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2015 Hong Kong Trip: Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok SilverKris Lounge

Upon hearing news that Singapore Airlines had recently renovated their lounge in Hong Kong, it gave me extra perks for my flight back home. To think of it now, sometimes fate is extremely mysterious, because of a decision I made it results in various happenings. It may be good or it may bad. But the decision to upgrade myself to Business for my flight back is definitely one decision that I will never regret myself and the 21,250 miles that I used was definitely worth it. Given the experience and a new friend that I made on board the flight, Josie. This flight was still pretty fresh in my mind. Cheers for many more flight that I could fly with her on board, it’s a even greater way to fly!


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2015 HongKong Trip: Krisflyer Service, Flight Delay and Changi Airport SilverKris Lounge

Having finished work and having dinner with a friend, I have just reached home the night before at 11pm, shower, pack my bags and finally get some rest for my flight at 9.30 am to HongKong. Tiredness wont be any issue despite having only a couple hours of sleep, given the thought of flying SQ Business later. Having this was much more efficient in drowning in coffee, keeping me quite awake and hype up for my experience to come. Right close to 7am, before I left my house I received a text informing me that my flight is being delayed, my mind just didn’t felt like it and thus I drop a call to Krisflyer to double confirm and some thoughts in my mind just make me ask them for the reason of the flight delay. They assured me that it is just an operational delay and the flight was arriving late into Singapore. This is actually good, given that I could write about Singapore Airlines handling flight delay given that delay on Singapore Airlines flight are so rare. In contrast, just for your info, the budget wing of SQ, Scoot have been hit by delays in the past few weeks and they handle it quite badly, so it was nice to be able to compared the difference.

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