Hallstatt, Postcard Perfect City

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Tax Refund: Can be done together on your final departure from European Union

From Train Station / Port to the City

To get to Hallstatt it will requires a couple of train changes, from Attnang-Puchheim. Take a train from here towards Bad Ischl and Obertraun. The Hallstatt station is south of Bad Ischl and one stop north of Obertraun. The train station is located adjacent to the port on the east bank of Lake Hallstatt. Here you can catch a ride across to Hallstatt.


Hallstätter See

This magnificent lake is the main reason you are visiting Hallstatt, the lake itself is the attractions. The views across it with the small charming town and also the mountains and the greens makes it postcard perfect. The main town of Hallstatt is also located across the lake. While there is a ferry to transport you across, the timings and port is as small as the train station itself and the timings are often matched. One of the best photo taking spot and place to see would also be from the pier.

Hallstatt Salt Worlds

Known as the salt mines, besides the tour of the mines itself and see the process of the salt being transported out, the place also has a tower that offers a great view over the lakes and the town. The tower and skywalk located at the top of the salt mines offers impressive views. The base station of the funicular to the mine is only a short throw away from the pier. Tickets can be bought online. From end of sept till Nov it is open from 9am to 4.30pm. The combination ticket cost 27 Euros for student.

Dachstein Ice Cave and 5 Fingers

Highly recommend and impressive to visit. Although he ice caves is closed from late October onwards. This place is located out of Hallstatt and could be reached via a short bus ride. Even if the caves are closed the lookout at the top is one of the best in the Alps. Tickets can be bought at the Dachstein Visitor Centre at the foot of the mountain. It is important to take note of the last bus leaving the place back to Hallstatt. There is much stuff to do here, remember to go early in the morning and get back before late afternoon. Many hikes, lookout and there is even a bench for you to lie on. Postbus 542 / 543 will bring you here. There is a wide range of tickets, with the most inclusive one costing 37 Euros for youth.