Sawadikap: Best Oyster Omelette in BKK (Nai Mong Hoy Tod)

Now this is a special one. After the usual norm and food reviews that you have seen in the famed and widely spread food reviews and blogs in Singapore and abroad, this is one of the stalls that lack coverage and the kind of recognition that it deserves. Bangkok is also the one place that no ones knows to link it to Oyster Omelette! Whenever people think about “Orh Luak” or Oyster Omelette, the natural places that people will associated it with are Singapore or Taiwan, but actually Bangkok in my opinion is the place where you can find the best among the chinese community over there. It is way too underrated! This also relates to the main topic of today post, NAI MONG HOY TOD, supposedly in Thai, it practically means the best place and the most famous Oyster Omelette in Bangkok. Located in Yaowarat, Bangkok Chinatown it is a small stall in a side aisle. Even without advertising and being in a prominent location you should be able to find it easily, it isn’t too far away from the main street and the crowd should be able to show you where it is.


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Sawadikap: After You Dessert & Cafe

After you or before you? Probably you will be amaze with how bread could be used in cooking AFTER YOU have visited this place. While honey toast is no longer a mystery to us anymore and it is probably getting more and more common in the industry, After You Dessert & Cafe still remains to be one of the hottest cafes and place to go to when in Bangkok. Started out as a branch it became famous and slowly become one of the hottest place in the locals mind and also the tourists, now there is numerous branch throughout the whole city. Practically the main malls that all the tourists hits, you are bound to find one. The most famous one still remain to be the branch at Siam Paragon. It is always crowded, although the wait is definitely worthy for their desserts. Warm bread, some cold ice cream as the sauce, the liquid, the moisture. It hardly goes wrong. Similarly, they are always right, THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR DESSERT!


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Sawadikap: SabX2 Wanton Mee

Probably many of you Singaporeans would have already know this place since it is like a meeting spot for the Singaporeans over there in Bangkok, Thailand. Located near Platinum Fashion Mall and the Pratunam Market, it is a popular spot for lunch and a late breakfast. Perhaps they are the reason that is why this place is so popular among us, after all nothing is better than some hearty Wanton Noodles and Braised Pork Trotter to accompany the resting of legs after shopping through the large unfinishable among of stalls and sellers. It is located directly down the alley across the Platinum Fashion Mall. You will probably see the sign showing you and then saying that there is only one branch in Bangkok and especially none in Singapore!!! It is open from 9am till 3pm in the afternoon but you should probably not head there just before closing since the Braised Pork Trotter do get sold out pretty fast.


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Sawadikap: Kalpapruek Restaurant

After a great relaxing session of massage done at Asia Herb Association, when your body is done and happy the next thing that you got to do would be treating your stomach well. Kalpapruek is a great modern thai restaurant at Central World, one of the largest shopping mall in Bangkok. It is the place to be, with many shops of brands that you can and cannot think of. Food wise, restaurants are plentiful, from the usual BBQ Plaza to Macs and MK Steamboat. Even the great popular cheese tart from Japan has a stall here. P.S There is no queue here at all. Although prices are quite similar to the Singapore one. If you are in the vicinity or shopping at Central World, the place to be to fill your stomach or to rest your legs, Kalpapruek is the place to be. There is 3 branches in town, with the Central World one located on the 7th Floor.


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Sawadikap: Asia Herb Association Thong Lo

Perhaps besides food the best thing that everyone could lie for and relate to would be MASSAGES! Some people may be afraid of this and scared of the feeling as if someone was tickling you and definitely you are literally missing out in life. Massages are some of the world’s greatest pleasure. Hello! I mean legit massages okay! Not some funny little thoughts you may have inside. While there are many kind of massages in the world, from Balinese kind to those chinese Tuina, together the one that I am gonna introduce will be authentic Thai massages. Thai massages are unique in a way where they comprise the techniques from acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and yoga movement. This is also the reason it is also known as Yoga massage. It involves lots of movement and stretching and you will feel the relief of pressure, some may find it a little painful, also Thai massages never use any oil if there is, it sure isn’t authentic. While there are numerous parlour and massage place in Bangkok, from those on the streets to the mall or even in your hotel, there are some which specialise in providing all sorts of treatment with well trained staff and a cosy environment. Some of this I found were Lavana Massage, Health Land and the one that I would like to share with you today, Asia Herb Association.


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Sawadikap: Conrad Bangkok

The highlight of my recent trip to Bangkok. Basically the whole idea of this trip was to surrounded around this hotel and the promotion that was really so tempting. If you did follow me on my earlier post in this trip series you will know how tempting it is. With the wanderlust cells indoctrinated in me, there was no way that I would stay in Singapore. There is both sides to staying in the area that Conrad was it. Conrad was actually part of the All Seasons Place in the embassy area. In fact the US Embassy was just a stone throw away. It is slightly away from the main shopping area in Siam and Central World but easily connected through walkway with a average 15 to 20 mins walking distance. Although slightly out of the way, it is also more convenient since you cabs would make more sense to you, with the streets surrounding the hotel not as jam as the main one along Siam and MBK, you can get out of the area much faster. Besides, the hotel also has a complimentary shuttle service to sent you to the BTS Station, Phloen Chit. I really prefer it’s location to the others that I have stayed in the past. Besides taking cab, I even walked to the Platinum Fashion Mall area and also the iconic Terminal 21 Mall. All in less that 20 to 30mins.


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Best Redemptions to Score on SQ with Krisflyer! Fly Suites with $400 instead of 20K


Dreaming of ever flying like you have never done before? Dreaming of actually sleeping like a baby with someone there to tuck you in when you kick the blanket away? kicking the givenchy blanket away? Although it has not happen to me but they are said to tuck passenger in. What I did experienced was their attentive service when they literally made the bed every single time I left for the gallery or the toilet. Somehow you wonder how do they do it. If you would like to plan something special for like a honeymoon, a retirement trip or perhaps for me like a ORD TRIP! This is the article to read. There is nothing free in this world, including flying first or business. If you wanna save you would need to spend the effort to get what you want! If not, you are free to spend that 20 Thousand on a Suites ticket. Or instead get it like me for 400 Dollars in tax? Previously to score that Business Class seat on the dates I want, I book one year in advance and call to check the waitlist frequently. First you would need to save up your miles, for that you could refer to my previous article on Best Credit Cards For Saving Miles in Singapore! Now I would like to share with you on the tips and the best awards booking to go for on Singapore Airlines.


SQ Suites

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